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Welcome to Robert G. Cole! I am so excited to have you (or your child) in my class. I co-teach with the 8th grade team, so although the assignments may not come from me, I am constantly working with everyone to make sure they are understanding the content. We are all about being successful.
I truly believe that with hard work, every child is capable. I look forward to us working together for a great 8th grade year. Please contact me if you have any questions regarding homework or assignments.
If you will subscribe to my page, you will be contacted whenever I post something to it. You can subscribe to my home page, each class, or just the classes that concern you the most. This is the place for all of your classwork/homework information, so subscribing is the best way to be "in the know." 


Recent Posts

STAAR testing starts tomorrow

The kids will take the math test tomorrow and the English test on Wednesday. Please make sure they get plenty of rest and are well fed. They have been given a coupon for a free school breakfast in case they don't have time to eat at home. 
They will not be allowed to keep any electronic devices in the testing area. They can only bring a book to read when they are finished. No talking, no drawing, or anything else until the testing time is finished.

Welcome Back!

I hope everyone enjoyed the winter break. It's always good to get away and recharge. But now we are back, and it is time to get serious. We are starting a new semester today. Let's start it off right by paying attention to due dates, details, and getting our homework done.

End of Semester Exam Schedule

We will have end of semester exams for ALL classes the week before the winter break. This will change the daily schedule. Please see the schedule below:
December 13
1st period EXAM 8:25-9:37
2nd period           9:41-10:22
3rd period            10:26-11:06
4th period            11:10-11:50
Lunch                  11:53-12:23
5th period EXAM 12:27-1:37
6th period             1:41-2:21
7th period             2:25-3:05
8th period             3:09-3:50
December 14
1st period             8:25-9:08
2nd period            9:12-9:52
3rd period EXAM 9:56-11:06
4th period             11:10-11:50
Lunch                   11:53-12:23
5th period             12:27-1:37
6th period             1:11-1:51
7th period EXAM  1:55-3:05
8th period             3:09-3:50
December 15
1st period             8:25-9:08
2nd period            9:12-9:52
3rd period             9:56-10:36
4th period EXAM  10:40-11:50
Lunch                   11:53-12:23
5th period             12:27-1:07
6th period EXAM  1:11-2:21
7th period              1:55-3:05
8th period              3:09-3:50
December 16
1st period             8:25-9:08
2nd period EXAM 9:12-10:22
3rd period            10:26-11:06
4th period             11:10-11:50
Lunch                   11:53-12:23
5th period             12:27-1:07
6th period             1:11-1:42
7th period             1:46-2:16
8th period EXAM  2:20-3:50

Math Test Nov 7 & 8

The test review has been posted in Google Classroom. Start working on it now so you have plenty of time to ask questions.


EVERYONE has math homework over the weekend. If your child did not complete the Slope Intercept practice and turn it in today, then it is late. They need to complete it and turn it in to Google Classroom. They also have to complete the work on their math test correction project. It is due on November 7, but they should have a good deal of it completed by Monday. 


PLEASE look through Google Classroom with your child to see what is assigned, when it is due, and if your child has not completed it yet. With Monday being Halloween, I am not expecting to get much out of the kids on Monday or Tuesday. So I really don't want them to get even further behind. 


Please let me know if you have any questions. Have a good weekend.

Math Reminder!

Warm-up problems are given out the week before they are due. Students get the problems in Google Classroom on Thursday or Friday. They should be done when they walk into the classroom on Monday. This is an easy 100. If they do not do them ahead of time, then they tend to get a 0. Please make sure your child is working on the warmup problems over the weekend.

Warm-up problems due Monday

Make sure you work out the warm-up problems for week1-2nd quarter. Same type of problems as last week, so you should be able to do them. They should be ready to post on the board when you walk into class.

REMINDER...Chemistry Project Due MONDAY 10/24

You have had 2 weeks to work on your periodic table chemistry project. Be ready to turn it in and start presenting it on Monday.

The Constitution - School House Rock

I have posted the Constitution clip to our history page. Watch the video and learn the song. It will help get the information stuck in your head!

History Test next week

The test will be either Thursday or Friday. I have posted study questions you will need on the History page.

Chemistry Project Due October 24th

Remember, your chemistry project is due on Monday. You were assigned this project last week.

Math Calendar

Everyone was given a calendar showing when things are due. They have instructions on Google Classroom explaining how to use the calendar and fill it out. PLEASE go look on Google Calendar to understand and use the calendar so you can stay on track and not have late grades.

Homework due Monday 10/17/16

IF you did not finish in class, choose 2 of the cards you were given in class and put them into either the chemical or physical pockets in your notebook. Explain why you put them there.