Robert G. Cole Middle School

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the school's main telephone number?
Cole Middle School's main telephone number is (210) 368-8729.
Are the classes self-contained or do the students rotate from class to class, teacher to teacher?
Cole Middle School operates on a flexible modular schedule. Core courses meet every day, while some other classes may meet fewer than 5 days a week to allow students flexible time to get intervention, acceleration or time to explore passions. 
How do I contact my child’s teacher or teachers?
There are several ways to communicate with your child's teacher. You can call and leave a message with the middle school secretary at (210) 368-8729 or you can dial into their phone extension directly. The most convenient way is to email your child's teacher. You can find email and phone contact information for all of our teachers at our staff directory.
Do middle school teachers communicate with parents in the same way that elementary teachers do?
Our Middle School teachers are dedicated to your child's success and they know that communication with parents is a vital component of that success. However, one of the expectations for our middle school students is that they will accept more responsibility to keep parents informed. Students are all given an agenda to keep track of assignments and other projects. In addition, all of our teachers maintain a class page that is easily accessible. If, however, there are particular issues or concerns during the year, parents will get a phone call or email message from the teacher. Parents are also encouraged to contact their child's teacher any time they have a question or concern.
Are 6th graders in classes only with other 6th graders?
Most times, students are only in classes with their age-level peers. However, students can also be in classes with students from other grades, especially in elective classes. 
Are Middle School students ever in contact with the High School students?
Middle School rarely have classes with High School students unless they are in accelerated classes. In addition, Middle School lunches are separate from High School lunches and High School students are not allowed in the Middle School building without administrative approval.
What is the average class size?
Academic classes in middle school typically have no more than 24 students. Some elective classes and PE classes have more students than the average.
Is student misbehavior a major problem in middle school?
Not at Cole Middle School. Teachers communicate with parents at the start of each academic year with information on classroom discipline, classroom rules and expectations, and grading. Parents are asked to review this information with their child so that there is a clear understanding between student, parent and teacher. Students earn consequences, both positive and negative, for their decisions and performance in class.
Do students carry all their books in backpacks?
Yes. While our middle school students are issued lockers to store their books, it is essential that they carry some of their belongings in a backpack.. Part of the organizational training that students get in middle school addresses academic planning.
How do parents know about homework?
Students are issued an agenda at the beginning of the year (or upon arrival). Students are required to write their homework assignments in their agenda. Parents are encouraged to review the assignment information on a daily basis. In addition, all of our teachers maintain a class page that is easily assessable.
Are middle school teachers as nurturing as elementary teachers?
Cole Middle School teachers are very caring, and because of our small school size, they get to know students very well. It is natural that as students age and mature they need less hand-holding. One overall goal that parents share with teachers is that students, as they grow, will become as independent and self-reliant as possible. The expectation in middle school is that students will begin taking on more responsibility and will become more independent. The curriculum and culture of Cole middle school is designed to reinforce this basic concept.
Does Cole Middle School have a dress code?
Yes, Cole Middle School has a dress code which is included in the Student/Parent Handbook.