Robert G. Cole Middle School


**update 11/8/2017
Bandera basketball tournament (scheduled for 11/11/2017)has been cancelled due to not having enough teams participating. We will attempt to fill and reschedule a tournament this season. Practice and game calendars have been updated and reflect the change. 
Practice on 11/10/2017 will remain as scheduled.
**Update 12/1/2017
Our game originally scheduled for December 7 (Thurs) has been changed to Monday, December 4 here at home. B team will start he night at 5pm with A team following around 5:45/6ish. The game schedule link as well as printable document reflect newest change. Practice will at 7AM Monday morning (12/4)
**Update 12/14/2017
We have filled a tournament for 7A and 8A. The tournament will take place in Yoakum on January 20 (Saturday)-times to be determined. Game Schedule reflects this change 
Feel free to contact any of the coaches with questions
We appreciate the support!