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7th Grade Policies

Here you will find valuable information for students and parents regarding our 7th grade team and our expectations for our students. We hope you find this resource beneficial.
Team 7 Supply List is located as an attachment on the main team page.  
To schedule a team meeting with all of the child's teachers, please contact our team leader, Mrs. Scibetta,, or Mrs. Garza (Counselor). Team conferences are usually available 1st period either Tuesday or Thursday. To contact an individual teacher, please call the teacher or email her directly.
The agenda or planner that students receive in the first week of classes is an organizational tool for the student to manage their homework, classwork, and schedule. Students are expected to bring it to every class and fill it out.  If students lose their agenda, they may purchase another one for $5.00. Parents are encouraged to monitor the agendas as often as possible.
Homework Folder
A homework folder is essential for student success and will be given to students the first day of school.  Students will place their homework in this folder to carry home. Students will then place completed homework back in the folder and return it to class. Graded work will then later be organized into the appropriate subject's binder.  
Google Classroom
Much of classwork and homework will be done starting in 7th grade through the 1-1 Chromebooks students have.  Much of the work will be completed and submitted through Google Classroom.  
Academic ECO
Academic ECO is a two hour detention that is given when a student has missed a total of three assignments in any mixture of classes. Teachers will notify parents of the missing assignment and upon the third assignment will be notified when a student needs to serve time for Academic ECO.  Completing missing assignments late does not erase the strike toward Academic ECO.
Make Up Work for Excused Absences
The number of days absent is the number of days a student has to turn in missed work. If a student will miss several days for an excused absence, please contact the front office at 368-8729 and request work for parent pickup.
Middle School Discipline: 7th Grade OFI System
This is the Cole Discipline System used throughout the Middle School and is detailed in the student handbook. OFI is an "Opportunity for Improvement" and will result in positive reinforcement of the rules and the consequences of repeat behaviors.  Parents will be notified of each OFI a student receives. When a student reaches the fifth and subsequent OFI's, the administration will decide on subsequent action.